The Port of Frederikshavn offers an effective set-up of cargo handling, which ensures that the cargo is conveyed quickly and safely across the quay. The activities in the traffic harbour include loading and unloading of general cargo, bulk commodities, project cargo, heavy loads, oil, chemicals and scrap iron. These activities take place round the clock, all year round!

All the requisite equipment and facilities, like modern ramps, forklift trucks and cranes, are available at the Port of Frederikshavn. The port also possesses large areas and warehouses for storing goods, and there is direct access from the port to Europe’s railway and the European motorway system.

Goods turnover in the traffic harbour is growing. The Port of Frederikshavn experiences strong increase in activities, especially within the area of handling bulk commodities and biofuel.

The Port of Frederikshavn has entered into agreement with the company Global Green Developer regarding establishment of new facilities for the handling of both bulk products as well as project cargo. 10,000 m2 new warehouse/production facilities will be established, distributed on 5 facilities of 2,000 m2 each on the new port expansion area. The warehouses will be multifunctional and can be used for storage of bulk products such as corn and feedstuffs, biofuel, fertilizer, etc. The warehouses will have accessibility, which also makes it possible to store larger constructions – for example in connection with repairs of rigs. Finally, it will be possible to make short or long leases for possible production activities.

Furthermore, Nordliq is planning to build a new and groundbreaking plant for the production of LNG. The plant, which will also be a bunkering station, builds on a completely new concept, as the first in the world, where it is possible to produce LNG, where it is needed.

Oil is also a business area of growth at the Port of Frederikshavn. Nordic Marine Oil A/S runs a tank facility, which handles the storage and distribution of oil on the harbour. Stena Oil has rented 38,000 m2 of the newly constructed part of the port for a new terminal for maritime fuel. The bunkering terminal will have a capacity of 75,000 m3 and will be the largest in Scandinavia.

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