3 quick questions for Jacob Tryk


Jacob Tryk has since August 2020 worked his student job at Port of Frederikshavn two mornings a week.

The student job is part of a cooperation between Frederikshavn Gymnasium and MARTEC for the students attending the Maritime Student education. Through anchoring in the local maritime business, the goal is to increase the students’ incentive to continue their career within the maritime business in Northern Jutland.

Jacob Tryk, Student job at Port of Frederikshavn as part of the Maritime Student education.

Why did you apply for student job at Port of Frederikshavn?
Why did I apply for student job at Port of Frederikshavn and not at other companies at the port? Frederikshavn is a town with a large maritime sector, and the majority of all the maritime businesses in Frederikshavn are in town because of the port. The port is the fundamental reason for Frederikshavn being a seaport and if I get insight into what Port of Frederikshavn is, how the port is operated and which jobs are to be found at the port, this can qualify my choice of further education and give me an understanding of which possible business partners are to be found at the port.

What have you gained from your student job at Port of Frederikshavn?
I have gained a lot of new knowledge about the port and the maritime world. A world where the port is liaison between ships and land. The theory I learn at school is about how a ship works, while at the port, I get to see “things” in practice. The port is a liaison, which amongst others represent safety and service. Safety, such as ISPS, was one of the first things I learned how works at the port. 

What has been your best experience at Port of Frederikshavn until now?
I have had many good experiences until now, and I do not know which is the best. I do know however, which was the worst, being Corona, which last year prevented me from working at the port for 6 months. This was very annoying. However, I do have many good experiences amongst others from Port Service, where I have cleaned the gangway and from Port Control, where I have learned how a ship approach takes place.