30% more cargo


More cargo has come through the port in Frederikshavn, while Corona has raged in Denmark.

Increased amount of cargo, a result of the expansion of the port’s warehouses and the great water depth in Frederikshavn, which allows a larger range of vessel types, has been one of the positive developments in an otherwise difficult time where the effects of the Corona pandemic also have had negative impact and caused insecurity on a number of areas. 

- More cargo shows that the conventional port industry is developing as desired, says Mikkel Seedorff Sørensen who explains that the conventional port industry is one of four business areas in focus. The other three business areas are ferry traffic, environment and recycling industry and maritime service. Here the development has been a little more moderate:

- Due to travelling limitations we have seen a significant reduction in the number of passengers within the ferry traffic, and the expansion of the port with more facilities has also been delayed as a consequence of the shutdowns. It does not take long to shut down, however it is a long process to start up again. The port’s customers and we had to face this when Northern Jutland was shut down entirely for a period. This is also why the number of jobs i.e., within the environment and recycling sector has not increased as hoped, explains Mikkel Seedorff Sørensen, who does not wish to predict the concrete extent for 2021:

- Obviously, it all depends on when the restrictions are relaxed, however there is no doubt that we – as well as most others – will be affected by a continued pandemic.