Border control


Dear business partner,

Port of Frederikshavn has received the following letter from the Danish Ports’ Trade Association, the letter must be regarded as guidelines for ship calls to the Port of Frederikshavn. We are following the development closely, and are in close dialogue with the trade association and the authorities concerning the development. We shall keep you updated on changes.

The entry rules to Denmark were tightened yesterday, as the borders were closed for non-recognized purposes.

The police have listed the transport of goods to and from Denmark as recognized purpose.

Therefore, the vast majority of activities on the ports will be able to continue, but ship crew should only come ashore in case of very special needs.

Cruise tourism and passenger transport on ferries do not categorize as recognized purpose, so the Police will impose restrictions on this at the relevant ports.

It is the Police who have the authority, so questions should be directed to the local Police.

Contact the Police hotline:
+45 70 20 02 33 / 114

Questions to the port regarding to border control:
Jeppe M. Høgenhaug
mob: +45 22 39 47 16