City council gained insight in the port expansion


On Monday, June 24 the city council of Frederikshavn was invited on a tour of the new port area. The tour had special focus on the recycling facility and the many environmental arrangements undertaken on the area.

Kim Thygesen, General Manager at Modern American Recycling Services (M.A.R.S.), who has leased the recycling facilities, informed about the company’s plans on the site. M.A.R.S. has ambitions of making Frederikshavn center of recycling of panamax ships and offshore installations. One of the first tasks will be to recycle the two platforms Tyra East and Tyra West, and the company expects to recycle 200,000 tons of processed steel a year. According to Kim Thygesen, M.A.R.S. expects to have hired 150-200 employees, by the time the recycling site is fully in operation. The first employments with training courses in the USA and mobilization of equipment to the area will be started in August, so that everything is ready to start activities in September.

Environmentally safe recycling
Mikkel Seedorff Sørensen, CEO at Port of Frederikshavn, gave a status on the port expansion and told the city council about the port’s visions on circular economy and recycling, where responsibility and green recycling has been the key point in connection with the establishment of the new recycling facilities.

The entire recycling area is entirely covered with a membrane. The membrane is covered by a 40 cm thick layer of ground protection sand and on top of that is a 70 cm layer of hardly compressed crushed rock. The surface water is collected by drains, and through the drains the rainwater from all the surface areas is collected to a filtration and purification plant, where the water is cleaned from possible impurities. It is an AL-2 separation plant with combined chemical and mechanical filtration. The plant is designed to purify 36 m³ water per hour from the two 2,500 m³ large collection tanks.

The city council saw for themselves the many environmental precautions that have been taken. They were invited into the purification plant and had a close look at the established membrane. Experts from Niras and Cowi contributed with technical details and answered questions from the city council members present.