The extent of measures in connection with the Corona virus are growing hour by hour, and it is having significant consequences for our daily life.

Port of Frederikshavn has therefore made some assessments on what can be done to minimize the risk of contamination and we have consequently taken some measures, which mean that we can still operate the harbour, if/when one or more employees are infected.

The considerations about minimizing the contamination risk are amongst others:

All employees are instructed to stay at home, in case of any signs of illness such as fever, coughing or similar, which can be a contamination risk for others.

Our maritime assistants are a particularly vulnerable group, which cannot be replaced immediately in case of quarantine or outbreak of the disease, and we have therefore made procedures which ensure that we protect this group of employees the best way possible. This happens by minimizing physical contact and implementing rules on how information is given to the port assistants.

Our employees, who can carry on with their work from their homes, must do so for a period of 1-2 weeks.

All meeting activities are held as telephone meetings, video conferences or postponed if possible. When meeting personally, hand shakes or physical contact must be avoided.

We are also working on an emergency plan on how we can remedy a possible isolation, so employees who can work, have the possibility of doing so at a facility, where they are isolated, so that work can be carried out without risk to the employees’ family and the society in general.

We have asked the authorities for advice in connection with these steps now enforced. Furthermore, we follow the guidance and instructions closely given by the authorities.