Daytrip tourism shall grow


Frederikshavn is among Jutland’s leading destinations for cruise and daytrip travellers, shows numbers from 2018. 150,000 daytrip travellers and more than 1.8 million ferry guests arrive each year at Port of Frederikshavn. Wind is in the sails and Port of Frederikshavn will make use of this tailwind to establish a workgroup, which is to develop Frederikshavn as destination and ensure the potential for growth, so that the port can meet the growing amount of daytrip guests and ships expected to visit the town in the future.

Large numbers of cruise tourists are coming to Denmark and in 2018 the Danish ports received nearly 1.1 million cruise tourists. This tendency is enjoyed across the country, for instance in Copenhagen the number of cruise tourists was 875,000, while it was 101,303 in Aarhus and 68,526 in Skagen.

While cruise tourism is a considerably new segment in Denmark in general, Frederikshavn has had cruise tourism throughout several years. 150,000 daytrip tourists arrive by ferry each year to Frederikshavn from either Sweden or Norway, says Mikkel Seedorff Sørensen, CEO at Port of Frederikshavn and adds:

- The numbers clearly show that Frederikshavn is leading, when looking at the number of daytrip and cruise travellers staying for one day on a destination in Jutland. When I think about the fact that we have not invested considerably in destination development in Frederikshavn the later years, the numbers must be said to be quite impressive. Therefore, I believe that there is an enormous potential for growth, if we make a determined effort together – both the town of Frederikshavn and also the entire municipality of Frederikshavn.

Stena Line will set new standards for the experiences and services in Frederikshavn
Port of Frederikshavn has now joined Stena Line and a number of companies in Frederikshavn in a new workgroup, which is to map the potential in relation to the destination development in Frederikshavn. Stena Line takes the lead in this effort, since Stena Line often is the name stated on the side of the ship calling port in Frederikshavn. All together 1.8 million travellers come through Frederikshavn each year with Stena Line’s ferries, and for them it is essential that they experience Frederikshavn as an attractive destination with top service:

- It must be attractive for daytrip tourists to come to Frederikshavn. It must be a reason-to-go, so strong that we can continue to compete for the increasing amount of cruise tourists coming to Denmark. We therefore have to join forces as ferry company, port, town and especially industries for setting new standards for the experiences and services in Frederikshavn. The fact that Frederikshavn has planned a larger investment in the town shopping street and in that connection has focus on creating new experiences in the town centre, is a nice step in that direction. However, it takes more if we want to hold on to this tendency in Frederikshavn – especially if we want continued growth within this area. This must be the ambition, ends Tony Michaelsen, Trade Director Denmark from Stena Line.