Inauguration of recycling shipyard


On September 19, 2019 foreign minister Jeppe Kofod inaugurates the world’s first custom built recycling shipyard, built for the purpose of recycling vessels and drilling rigs at Port of Frederikshavn. Behind the shipyard is one of the world’s largest recycling companies - Modern American Recycling Services (M.A.R.S.). The opening of the shipyard is the kick-off to an enormous sustainable adventure in Northern Jutland, where more than 200 jobs will be created within the sustainable economy.

Nearly 150 customers and business partners witnessed the official inauguration of the new recycling shipyard. Large dimensions and great powers will be used on the new facilities, and it was a very large scissor which was used, when foreign minister Jeppe Kofod and Kristi Caton from M.A.R.S. together cut the red ribbon by the 90 metres wide ship ramp.

200,000 ton of steel recycled a year
M.A.R.S. Europe has an ambition of turning Frederikshavn into a centre of green recycling of vessels and offshore installations. The company expects to recycle 200,000 ton processed steel a year and one of the first major tasks will be the recycling of the platforms Tyra East and Tyra West. Due to the shipyard being custom built from scratch, it has been possible to incorporate and prioritize safety, sustainability and environment as key qualities in the facility.

- The government has an ambitious plan about Denmark being leader on world basis with regards to sustainability and sustainable investments. This shipyard is a good example of how we, in Denmark, – and not the least in the municipality of Frederikshavn – strive to secure a green future and new jobs, says Birgit Hansen, mayor of the municipality in Frederikshavn.

200 new jobs in Frederikshavn
The large 290,000 m² recycling area consists of a purification plant with two large 2,500 m³ storage tanks, where rain water from all the area will be cleaned for possible impurities, an impressive ship ramp for hauling of vessels with a length of up to 294 metres and an area for landing of offshore installations of up to 50,000 ton.

Activities are expected to start in October 2019, and this means that Kim Thygesen, general manager at M.A.R.S. Europe expects many employments within the upcoming months – up to 200 employees at the port, when the site is fully operational:

- I am happy that the Danish government and the municipality of Frederikshavn support this unique project. Since M.A.R.S. is one of the world leaders within sustainable recycling, and Denmark and Port of Frederikshavn have big ambitions within circular economy, this is a perfect match. We are very much looking forward to start using the site and welcome a green and sustainable alternative here in Europe to the way things are handled in other parts of the world, says Kim Thygesen, general manager at M.A.R.S. Europe.

CEO at Port of Frederikshavn, Mikkel Seedorff Sørensen says:
- We are proud to have M.A.R.S. come to Denmark and the foreign minister to Frederikshavn. We are excited to show the enormous potential, which the municipality and the port have, and we are sure that our partnership with M.A.R.S. will create a ripple effect – both outside the region’s boundaries and beyond the country’s boundaries.