Merry christmas and happy new year


An eventful year for Port of Frederikshavn has nearly passed and a new year awaits.

The year 2018 will stand out significantly in the history books of the port with the inauguration of Stage 1 of the port expansion as an epochal milestone. It was a great and memorable moment when our Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik cut the red ribbon and officially inaugurated the first stage in September. It was also phenomenal, when nearly 4,000 visitors helped us celebrate the inauguration, when invited to celebrate this on the new quay.

In August the Port of Frederikshavn published a record result for 2017 of DKK 21.1 million, which is the best result since the municipality of Frederikshavn took over the port back in 2001. We have experienced a phenomenal development with the lease of all the hinterland areas in connection with Stage 1 of the port expansion. In the spring of 2016 the board laid down a strategy for 2017-2021, where we budgeted with full activity from 2021, and with the signed contracts we have now, we have reached the strategic goals set regarding volume and economy.

In the spring we could disclose that Stena Oil is one of the companies moving into the new areas on the port. A top modern terminal for marine fuel will be built, which will be the largest of it’s kind in Northern Europe, and at the same time Stena Oil is moving their environmental protection agency to Frederikshavn.

In July M.A.R.S Europe, whom have leased 280,000 m² of the new port area, published that the company has obtained the recycling of the Tyra East and Tyra West production platforms. M.A.R.S. Europe’s scope of work will include receiving, offloading, cleaning, dismantling and recycling of the two large platforms, which in total weigh more than 23,000 tons. The project will start in the fall 2020 and will be the largest in Danish history.

It has just been announced that we have entered into agreement with Global Green Developer regarding establishment of new facilities for handling of both bulk products, as well as project cargo on the new port area. 10,000 m² new warehouse and production facilities will be established, distributed on 5 facilities of 2,000 m²

The establishme
nt of Stage 2 is in full progress and is proceeding according to plan. The stage includes 170,000 m² hinterland area, 400 metres quay, 14 metres water depth, skidding area and ship ramp. Stage 2 is expected to be finished by 3rd quarter 2019.

2018 was also the year when the Port of Frederikshavn was visited by two ministers – Energy, Utilities and Climate Minister, Lars Chr. Lilleholt and Minister for Taxation, Karsten Lauritzen. It was a great pleasure to be able to tell them about the port, the port expansion, the plans for the area and the visions of the port, amongst others within recycling, green energy and circular economy.

We thank for the great support of the Port of Frederikshavn and look forward to continue a good and constructive cooperation with customers, business relations and all of you who visit the port.

We send you the best wishes of a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!