On Monday, March 19 the Port of Frederikshavn was honored by a visit of two ministers.
Energy, Utilities and Climate Minister, Lars Chr. Lilleholt and Minister for Taxation, Karsten Lauritzen.

The ministers came to hear about the Port of Frederikshavn and how far along the port expansion is in progress, as well as the plans for the area. The visit included a company visit at Universal Foundation and a short presentation of two of the future large tenants on the new area of the Port of Frederikshavn – Nordliq (LNG) and Modern American Recycling Services. A tour on the port area, a sail to see the port expansion from the seaside, and a lunch concluded the visit.

It has been a great pleasure to show the two ministers our new port expansion and the plans revolving it, and I am happy about the attention we get from Christiansborg with this visit”, says Mikkel Seedorff Sørensen, CEO of Port of Frederikshavn.

Mayor, Birgit Hansen expresses:
With the decision to expand the Port of Frederikshavn, the Municipality of Frederikshavn is on the way into a new phase of business development in the municipality. The port is an engine of growth and the number of workplaces, which the port and the related businesses generate, are of great significance. We are very happy to welcome more international players on the new edition of the Port of Frederikshavn. Together with our geographic location as transport centre in the North and a part of the European motorway network, this strengthens our connection to the world. We look forward to exploiting this in the future with focus on the opportunities, which the port expansion opens.