M.J. Eriksson


When you look out over the port expansion area in Frederikshavn, you will see several white entrepreneur machines. These are M.J. Eriksson’s characteristic white machines in action.

The Port of Frederikshavn entered into agreement with M.J. Eriksson in February 2019 for the finishing of the 198,000 m² hinterland on the newly established recycling area. The hinterland area is to be used for storage in connection with the recycling activities on the area – facilities which support the Port of Frederikshavn’s goals and ambitions with regards to green recycling and circular economy.

- The recycling area including ship ramp and skidding area will be the first in Europe, which has been established from scratch. This is a major advantage and means that we have the opportunity to shape the construction of the facilities and thereby think of safety and environmental precautions from the beginning, says CEO of Port of Frederikshavn, Mikkel Seedorff Sørensen.

The turnkey contract for M.J. Eriksson includes the establishment of membrane, drainage system and surface on the 198,000 m². The membrane is to ensure that nothing drains into the subsoil and that the surface water is lead through drains into a filter and purification plant on site.

M.J. Eriksson is already working on the project and they are expected to have the first 120,000 m² finished by 3rd quarter 2019, while the rest of the area is expected to be finished within the summer of 2020.

Throughout the latest years, M.J. Eriksson has been working more and more with the construction of ports and the project at Port of Frederikshavn supports the company’s ambition of strengthening their profile within port construction. According to Peder Kjær Nielsen, as engineer on the project, the fact that it is a turnkey contract, is a welcome challenge:

- A turnkey contract imposes an extra responsibility on us as entrepreneurs, since we also have to manage the final detail projecting. It also makes the job especially interesting, since it grants us a much larger contributory influence on the project’s format and completion. This way we are able shape the project in larger scale – and as an engineer this is really interesting and inspiring to be a part of, says Peder Kjær Nielsen, Engineer at M.J. Eriksson.