New breakwater is popular


Many have visited the new breakwater since it was opened to the public. Overwhelmingly many have forwarded their inputs and good ideas for the development of the breakwater area. One of the suggestions was a shuttle transport to and from the breakwater head. This is precisely one of the suggestions Port of Frederikshavn is working on presently.

Port of Frederikshavn is in general experiencing great satisfaction with the opening of the new breakwater, which was actually not part of the original project:

- The fact that the breakwater was to be opened to the public was not part of the project originally. We have listened to the many suggestions – especially from anglers – and we have therefore invested in the establishment of the access road and fencing, pedestrian crossing and parking lot, for the opening to become a reality. Therefore we are very happy that the extra service, which we can offer local citizens and tourists is appreciated, says Jeppe Høgenhaug, Head of maritime department at Port of Frederikshavn.

Since the breakwater area is still not entirely finished, there are still good opportunities for development of the area. In order to include the users of the breakwater in the further development of the area, an e-mail has be established (, where it is possible to forward criticism and praise and good ideas.

- Sometimes we are asked why the walk to the breakwater head is so long. Early in the fall, we were forced to make a choice – either the opening was postponed until 1st quarter of 2020, when the soil work is finished or carry on with the opening with a temporary access solution due to the ongoing construction work. For safety reasons, the temporary solution means that the visitors unfortunately have to walk further to reach the breakwater head for a period of time. In order to take into consideration the many enthusiastic anglers, we chose to grant access to the area, even though it is still not finished, and we of course hope that people understand that these are temporary conditions – says Jeppe Høgenhaug.

Looking into a shuttle solution
The access road along the 1.8 km long breakwater consists of sand and gravel, and it is therefore not accessible for walking impaired everywhere. Port of Frederikshavn has received many requests from walking impaired, whom have a great desire to go to the breakwater head for angling.

- Unfortunately we cannot grant free access for motorized vehicles. It is a matter of safety for the visitors: families must be able to take their children safely with them. It can be compared to a walk in the woods. You can walk, ride a bicycle and use small handicap vehicles (disabled people can use wheelchairs, also electric 3 wheeled scooters). We take these requests very seriously, and because of the great demand, we are presently looking into the possibility of making an trial period where walking impaired can book shuttle transportation to the area and back, says Jeppe Høgenhaug.