New docking capacity


Orskov Yard and Port of Frederikshavn have entered into agreement for the purpose of increasing Orkov’s docking capacity.

Orskov Yard and Port of Frederikshavn have just signed a lease agreement on a new quay and hinterland area with the purpose of increasing Orskov Yard’s docking capacity. The water depth of 14 metres in the port expansion and the extended capacity increases the potential for the entire maritime service industry considerably.  Orskov Yard has recently celebrated their 60 years anniversary and show a strong belief in the future with this agreement.

-  For a long time we have been working on the increase of our docking capacity and with this agreement with Port of Frederikshavn, we get the quay and hinterland area, which makes it possible to place a new floating dock in the area, where we already have a floating dock today. The plant is expected to be finished end of 2020, where we also plan the delivery of the first floating dock, says Lars Fischer, Director at Orskov Yard.

- We are very content with the agreement with Orskov Yard, which is of great significance in order for us to exploit the potential, which the port expansion provides. Orskov Yard plays a significant role in the development of the maritime service industry in Frederikshavn, with great importance to both town and port, and Jeppe Ørskov was likewise one of the promoters of the port expansion back in 2010. It is fantastic that Orskov Yard is now investing considerably in the development of their business, which will influence the entire maritime service industry – not only in Frederikshavn, but also in Northern Jutland, says Mikkel Seedorff Sørensen, CEO at Port of Frederikshavn.