New ferry route


DFDS has decided to open a new route between Frederikshavn and Oslo on June 25.

The new route will be sailed by DFDS’s two known Oslo ferries Pearl Seaways and Crown Seaways, which in the future will call Frederikshavn during their sail between Copenhagen and Oslo.

Travels exclusively between Copenhagen and Frederikshavn will not be offered. There will therefore really be two routes.

The plan is a daily departure from Copenhagen at 14:00 and from Frederikshavn at 23:30 with arrival in Oslo at 9:00.

There will be a daily departure from Oslo at 12:00 with arrival in Frederikshavn at 22:00 and in Copenhagen at 9:00.

“It will be a great day for DFDS and our employees, when we again can welcome passengers travelling between Denmark and Norway, travelling on vacation in their own car or caravan, stay at their vacation homes, hotels or just enjoy the travel at sea. It is of course also a special joy for us to resume DFDS’s sail between Frederikshavn and Oslo after 46 years of absence,“ says Torben Carlsen, CEO at DFDS.

“We hope and believe that the route opening will have a positive effect on tourism and trade in the three cities and regions surrounding them, and we also look forward to service our freight customers and their lorries, trailers and other goods on the two routes once again,” says Torben Carlsen.