Optimization of the ferry harbour


In the upcoming period you will, when travelling from Frederikshavn, experience changes at the ferry harbour. A positive development in the ferry area in Frederikshavn and higher demands from the authorities means optimization of the logistics and safety at the ferry harbour. The changes in the traffic flow become effective from July 6, 2022.

Freight traffic is in a positive development, and this pervades Port of Frederikshavn. Optimization of the logistics in connection with the many ferry departures is therefore always a working progress. In January 2020 DFDS opened a new ferry route between Frederikshavn and Oslo. This means that two of the world’s largest ferry companies – DFDS and Stena Line – today operate from Frederikshavn. In this connection it is now necessary to expand the approach areas for DFDS and Stena Line, which amongst others is solved by impounding existing road area and parking lot. 

The changes in the traffic flow on the ferry area also take-off in the higher demands from the authorities regarding customs facilities and ISPS. These conditions are also incorporated in the new set-up at the ferry harbour.

One of the greatest changes for the walking passengers will be the new Kiss & Goodbye area – on Sydhavnsvej (entrance to the Laesoe Ferry). Walking passengers will in the future be left or picked up close to the blue stair tower with entrance to the gangway, which leads directly to the different ferry berths. The new location means a longer walk to and from the ferries, and this has made both DFDS and Stena Line look into a service for passengers with the need of assistance, which can be booked when purchasing the ticket.

Passengers, arriving in Frederikshavn with the ferry by car, will in the future experience that the traffic from upper and lower ferry deck meet in one track via Færgehavnsvej to E45.

- There are many stakeholders involved in a project as this, and it has therefore been a long process to bring together all the demands and wishes. We believe that we have reached our goal with a very nice temporary set-up, we now look forward to opening for the customers to enjoy and benefit from the optimization of the ferry harbour. We are aware that challenges can arise when making changes in the traffic flow, and we will of course work on the rectification of this continuously, says Mikkel Seedorff Sørensen, CEO at Port of Frederikshavn.

The redesign was started in 2020. The project was carried out in stages and there have been several test periods to ensure that the changes create the desired optimization. The changes in the traffic flow become effective from July 6, 2022.