The Tyra East arrived tonight on the barge Iron Lady and shall within the next few days be brought ashore on the recycling shipyard M.A.R.S. Europe. The enormous main platform from the Tyra field in the North Sea weighs 14,000 tons, equivalent to two Eiffel Towers. The second main platform Tyra West is expected to arrive in Frederikshavn later this week.

The platforms will arrive in Frederikshavn precisely as they were – meaning that all the interior will look exactly as it did, when the last man disembarked it in the North Sea. From here, it is M.A.R.S.’s assignment to make sure that as much as possible of the platforms can be reused and recycled:

- We are looking at the largest recycling of offshore installations in Danish history. We are proud that M.A.R.S. has been chosen for the assignment, which we look forward to solving with focus on the old Tyra platforms being recycled and shredded in the most environmentally safe manner. Our yard is built from scratch and therefore it has been possible to include innovative solutions for safety, sustainability and environment. Our cooperation with Port of Frederikshavn and the local authorities involved in the creation of the yard have created a world class modern and safe shipyard, says Kim Thygesen, COO at M.A.R.S. Europe.

According to Total, 95% of the platforms is expected to be recycled.
- We are opening a new chapter in our large reconstruction project, when the largest of the Tyra platforms lands in Frederikshavn. We are happy that the Tyra project has created foundation for a massive investment in a top modern recycling shipyard on Danish ground. We have set high standards for the yards, which are to decommission the platforms, we therefore expect that more than 95% of the old Tyra can be reused and recycled. In all the steps of the reconstruction, we have focused on sustainability. This means that the old platforms are recycled, and we reuse a large part of the platform legs in the new Tyra, which is also designed with an expectation of a significant reduction in CO² emission of 30%, says Morten Hesselager Pedersen, Head of the Tyra Redevelopment.

CEO at Port of Frederikshavn Mikkel Seedorff Sørensen is looking forward to the arrival of the platforms from Tyra as the provisional culmination on the focused and intensive effort from the board and management at the port:

- It is a result of many years of hard work to ensure Port of Frederikshavn a position as a centre for sustainability and recycling, when it comes to recycling of both ships and offshore installations. When Total and the DUC partners have chosen to locate Denmark’s largest recycling project at M.A.R.S. at Port of Frederikshavn, we see this a proof of our strategy has started well,  and this is thanks to a good cooperation with authorities and M.A.R.S. and the other actors in the recycling business at the port.