The port prepares another expansion


Today the board of directors of the Port of Frederikshavn starts preparing the basis of decision for Stage 2 of the port expansion project. The facilities include establishment of another 400 metres quay and a deepening to 14 metres of the harbour basin.

The Port of Frederikshavn is close to being able to report that all areas and the quay capacity, which is part of the ongoing port expansion stage 1, are sold out. Therefore, on June 7, 2017 the board of directors of the Port of Frederikshavn decided to initiate the work with the basis of decision for further expansion of the port capacity, Stage 2.

On the basis of the contracts with Modern American Recycling Services and an ongoing pilot project with Orskov Yard regarding new docking capacity, we are close to reporting both quay facilities and hinterland areas in Stage 1, sold out. In order to be able to continue to develop the port activities, the aforementioned projects already give us basis to examine the possibilities for a capacity increase with another 400 metres quay and deepening to 14 metres. This is to be able to carry out other ongoing projects with both new, as well as existing customers,” says Bo Uggerhøj, chairman, Port of Frederikshavn.

The desire of increase capacity comes half way through the construction period of Stage 1, an expansion at a price of 570 million kroners, which is expected to be finalized April 1, 2018.

A lot has happened since we signed the contract with Per Aarsleff on Stage 1 in August 2015, and now it turns out that the preparation for 14 metres depth was a very wise decision. The fact that we can examine further expansion, comes before expected, however the entered contracts and the projects, we are presently negotiating, show us that the deepening to 14 metres has significant potential,” says Mikkel Seedorff Sørensen, CEO, Port of Frederikshavn.

The basis of decision, which the board of directors today decided to work with, shall be presented to the owner, the Municipality of Frederikshavn.

As owners, we are pleased that the Port of Frederikshavn is that great a strength for our area, and that both new and existing customers are ready to invest in the port. This proves that our choice of business strategy is right,“ says Birgit Hansen, mayor, Municipality of Frederikshavn.

One of the projects, which is part of the background for working with Stage 2, is the plan of expanding the docking capacity at one of our maritime heavy weights at the Port of Frederikshavn, Orskov Yard:

The port expansion in Frederikshavn gives us new opportunities to invest in more facilities, so that we at Orskov Yard are prepared for the future. We have a very good dialogue with the Port of Frederikshavn and are presently looking at the most optimal solution for docking capacity,” says Lars Fischer, Sales Director, Orskov Yard.

Stage 1 of the port expansion includes 330,000 m2 hinterland and 600 metres quay with 11 metres depth.
Price DKK 570 million.
A Stage 2 will include another 400 metres quay and a deepening to 14 metres of the harbour basin.