The north breakwater at Port of Frederikshavn is from October 14, 2019 at 10.00 o’clock open for public access.

The new breakwater is expected to be a playground for anglers. The 1.8 km long breakwater is a unique opportunity for anglers, the people of the town and tourists. An offer which is not found in many other places in Europe.

It is possible to walk all the way along the breakwater and to the north breakwater head, if you either want to fish, take a walk or just enjoy being close to the maritime environment. If you walk all the way to the breakwater head, you will be rewarded with a unique view across the port and Kattegat. Large binoculars have been installed on the breakwater head to enjoy the impressive view.

Parking and access conditions
It is not allowed to access the area by means of motorised vehicles – except for minor handicap vehicles.
A 1,700 m² parking lot has been established for the people guesting the area, located by the end of a gravel road with access from Sandholm. In order to access the breakwater from the parking lot, it is necessary to cross Arne Ørskovsvej, and Port of Frederikshavn has therefore established a pedestrian crossing in order to increase safety. Due to the predominant heavy traffic on Arne Ørskovsvej, the visitors are requested to be pay particular attention. The ongoing construction work means that the visitors in the beginning must expect a considerably longer walk to the breakwater head. The road is a sand and gravel road, and it is therefore in some places not suitable for people with limb impairments.

Part of the area is still a construction site, and such facilities as toilets and tables/benches have not yet been established. We therefore hope that the visitors show understanding and take this into account when they visit the area.

Code of Conduct
In order to ensure a good experience for all visitors, the code of conduct must be read and followed when you visit the area:

Stay on the area is at own risk.

When you visit the area, you are immediately obliged to accept the directions and commands of the port authorities, including to leave the port area.

Fencing, shields and notifications must always be respected.

Motorised vehicles and horse-riding are not allowed on the area – except for minor handicap vehicles.

Fishing is allowed.

Help us keep the port clean!

Tossing of waste of any kind into the water or on the area is prohibited (including fish waste).
Waste must be disposed of in the waste containers or take it with you.
Waste, which cannot fit into the waste containers, must not be left on the area.

Your dog is welcome – on a leash. Dog droppings must be removed immediately.

Always supervise your child. The breakwater is slippery, and there are large holes between the rocks.

Show consideration to other visitors. Unnecessary noise and bothersome behaviour is not accepted.

Show consideration, protect nature and the marine environment – both depend on your protection.

It is not allowed to make bonfires, barbeques and start fireworks on the area.

It is not allowed to stay overnight on the area.

Bathing and diving from the breakwater is discouraged.

Sales of merchandise is not allowed without permission from the authorities.

Lifebuoys have been installed on the area.

The area has video surveillance.

Violation of the code of conduct can imply expulsion from the area.


Enjoy your visit!