You are not allowed to import seeds, plants and living plant material into Denmark from countries outside EU. This is also applicable for travelers bringing plants and plant products in the luggage. The rules mean that it is not allowed to import plants, seeds, fruit and other plant products from travels in countries outside EU, without a phytosanitary certificate. The rules are also applicable for small amounts of plants and plant products.

The only fruits exempted from these rules are pineapple, coconuts, banana, durian and dates, which can be imported freely. 

If you import plants for planting, including certain types of seeds for planting, from countries outside EU, these must be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate and be declared for import. The product will then be import controlled by the Danish Agricultural Agency. You must be aware that there are costs related to the import control.

If you bring fruit, vegetables, cut flowers or other living plant material, which are not intended for planting, from countries outside EU, these will still require a phytosanitary certificate, but the products must not be declared for import. 

Furthermore, the rules signify that several types of plants for planting are prohibited to import.

The rules are attributable to an EU regulation called the Plant Health Regulation and its goal is to protect our natural and cultural landscape, as well as plant production against severe diseases and pests, which can be introduced with the plant products.

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