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Port of Frederikshavn

Stena Oil

Stena Oil has initiated operations at the new fuel terminal in Frederikshavn.

- The startup of Stena Oil’s activities is a major milestone for Port of Frederikshavn, and it is with the greatest pleasure that we can now finally welcome Stena Oil to Frederikshavn, says Mikkel Seedorff Sørensen, CEO Port of Frederikshavn.

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Weather station

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Wind direction
158° (South)

6.7 °C

Average wind speed
7.2 m/s

Max wind speed
8.7 m/s

Water level
+26 cm

Air pressure
1004 hPa


Port expansion

More basins, more quays, more water depth, wider entrance and more hinterland area. This is the new reality at Port of Frederikshavn after finishing stage 1 and 2 of the large expansion of the port. The port expansion has amongst others meant an increase in capacity of:
14 m water depth
1,000 m quay and 30,000 m2 quay area
500,000 m2 hinterland area
Ship ramp and skidding area

Port of Frederikshavn has additionally established a new quay area by Østre Kaj, including:
200 m ship quay (9.5 m water depth) and 160 m dock quay (14 m water depth)
14,125 m2 quay area
180 x 30 m new floating dock (Orskov Yard)

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