It is easy to park at the Port of Frederikshavn if you are going by ferry to Sweden, Norway or the island of Laesoe.

The harbour has one large parking lot within walking distance of the ferries and down town (by means of gangway). The parking lot is a non-covered lot, which is patrolled by the Port Control in connection with the regular partrol tours.

The parking lot is located at Sydhavnsvej 1, DK-9900 Frederikshavn and is equipped with parking machines. It is not possible to reserve parking space before arrival.

NB! As there is a lot of pressure on the ferry services, particularly during peak season, and thus also pressure on the parking spaces, we encourage guests of the port to arrive well in advance before ferry departure.

Charging of electric vehicle
Clever has installed 6 fast chargers (DC) and 16 regular chargers (AC) in the northern part of the parking area. It is permitted to park 1 hour (free of charge) by the fast chargers. Parking is unlimited by the regular chargers against payment (same charges as remaining parking spaces).
The parking spaces by all charging stations are only for electric vehicles under charging. 

E.ON has installed 4 regular charging stations (AC) in the southern part of the parking area. Here parking is unlimited against payment (same charges as remaining parking spaces).

Charging stations can be used twenty-four hours a day.



  • 8 Danish kroners per hour
  • 80 Danish kroners per day
  • 450 Danish kroners per week

Credit cards only: Dankort, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, JCB.

Minimum parking fee is for one hour.
It is possible to combine hours and days, instructions are stated on parking meters. 

The parking fee is prepaid.

Be aware that the validity of the ticket is from the time of purchase and forward – it is not possible to buy a supplementary ticket to an existing ticket. Incorrectly drawn tickets are non-refundable.

Contact the Port Control in case of malfunctioning parking machines: 23 37 19 49

Note! Vehicles with visible handicap signs in the front windshield can park free of charge at the marked handicap parking spaces.