It is prohibited to fly a drone at the area of Port of Frederikshavn – regardless of the purpose – without previous permission from Port Control.

It is also prohibited to fly a drone outside the port’s area to photograph/make video footage of the area of Port of Frederikshavn, without previous permission from Port Control.

Port Control can be contacted on portcontrol@pof.dk or 96204718.

Permission for drone flying at Port of Frederikshavn is given only as a one-time permission.
Permission must therefore be applied for each time drone flying is desired.

It is totally prohibited to fly within the marked areas on the map.
Exemption will not be granted to fly with drone in these areas at Port of Frederikshavn.


Map of areas where drone flying is prohibited at Port of Frederikshavn

Port Control takes the following into account, when applying for permit to fly with drone at the areas of Port of Frederikshavn:

Port of Frederikshavn adheres to Drone Order (BEK 2253), Commission Implementing Regulation (EU 2019/947) and Commission Delegated Regulation (EU 2019/945).

Port of Frederikshavn remains the right to evaluate if a requested drone flight will bother other interests at the port/customer’s area and hereby decide if the flight can be carried out (amongst others according to Publication 1190, Publication on TV surveillance Act).

Port of Frederikshavn can at any time demand to see approval and authorization for drone and drone pilot.