Frederikshavn is the most important and largest ferry harbour between the European continent and Scandinavia. With approximately 1.8 million passengers, 350,000 passenger cars and 2.2 million tons of cargo, the Port of Frederikshavn is an important traffic hub. The infrastructure from Frederikshavn provides access to further transport by rail and direct access to Europe’s motorway system.

It is easy to park at the Port of Frederikshavn if you are going by ferry to Sweden, Norway or the island of Laesoe. The harbour has one large parking lot within walking distance of the ferries and down town (by means of gangway). Read more about parking.

The Port of Frederikshavn disposes of 5 ferry berths with ramps and 3 Ro-Ro berths.

The extensive ferry traffic makes the Port of Frederikshavn an obvious choice for transportation of goods to and from the continent.

Growing freight traffic has a positive effect on the port. The Port of Frederikshavn works continuously to optimise logistics in conjunction with the many ferry departures, including well-laid-out access facilities, good approach areas and sufficient areas for handling unattached trailers. In addition, the port is constantly focused on creating the best facilities for drivers. The port collaborates closely with ferry operators and is willing to meet freight customers’ wishes and needs as far as possible.

Terms of business


DFDS sails from Frederikshavn to Oslo. For booking or more information please see DFDS.
Pearl Seaways and Crown Seaways: Passenger, freight and private car capacity
Crossing time: 9.5-10 hours

Rules for import of plants and plant products from countries outside EU


Stena Line has up to 10 daily departures/arrivals to Gothenburg. For booking or more information please see Stena Line.

Stena Danica and Stena Jutlandica: Passenger, freight and private car capacity.
Crossing time: 3 hours and 25 minutes.

Stena Vinga: Primarily freight capacity, but can also carry passengers and private cars (carries dangerous goods). Crossing time: 3 hours and 45 minutes.


Læsøfærgen sails up to 8 times daily between Frederikshavn and Port of Vesteroe on the island of Laesoe. For booking or more information please see Læsøfærgen.
Crossing time: 90 minutes.


Passenger ship Seadog sails the route of the Danish Nature Agency between Frederikshavn and the islands of Hirsholmene, up to 5 times a week. For booking or more information please see Seadog.
Crossing time: 40 minutes.