22 new charging possibilities


Port of Frederikshavn has entered into agreement with charging operator Clever on 22 new charging points for electric cars, of which six can charge your car from 0-80 percent in under 30 minutes. The agreement is yet another step on the way towards the green transition at Port of Frederikshavn.

These are good charging news for electric car motorists who pass by Port of Frederikshavn. By the end of August, charging operator Clever will take the first sod for what, within only a few months, will be 22 new chargers distributed on Sydhavnsvej in the northern part of the ferry harbour and by the parking area.

The many new chargers are a combination of both normal and fast charging points and in less than 30 minutes, it will be possible for six electric cars to charge from 0-80 percent simultaneously.

CEO at Port of Frederikshavn, Mikkel Seedorff Sørensen, is looking forward to yet another green initiative at Port of Frederikshavn:

“As a logical nerve centre, it is important for us as port to contribute to the green transition of the transportation sector. The green cars are here, and the forecast is that there will be more and more electric cars on the market. We want to support this development, and we want to contribute to making it easy to drive electric cars for the ferry guests and local citizens, who have chosen a green car solution. This goes very well together with our high ambitions within both service and sustainability. And we hope that it will benefit the city’s businesses as well, when ferry guests have to charge their car before departure from or after arrival to Frederikshavn” says Mikkel Seedorff Sørensen.

The new charging points in Frederikshavn are a strengthening of Clever’s charging network in Northern Jutland, and with its central position at the port, the charging points are obvious both for local electric car motorists and electric car motorists on the move, for example tourists:

“We know that many electric car motorists have demanded better charging possibilities in Northern Jutland, and therefore we are happy to upgrade the charging infrastructure in the area soon. We will bring charging widely out in Denmark, and it is our highest priority to set up charging stations, where you are, so that you can easily choose the electric car daily”, says Mathias Langkilde Sukstorf, who is part of the team in charge of rolling out the charging infrastructure at Clever.

The 22 charging points can be used by all electric motorists all hours of the day, and payment is possible with credit card, Clever charging chip or app, all depending on which charger is used.