North breakwater


It is popular to visit the northern breakwater and especially the breakwater head. Today the trip from the parking lot to the breakwater head is 2.1 kilometres, and parking possibilities closer to the breakwater head have been demanded for a long time. At Port of Frederikshavn we are looking into the possibility of complying with the wish of a parking lot closer to the breakwater head.

Moving the parking lot on the northern breakwater closer to the breakwater head will be tested for the first time this weekend. This is done in connection with the fishing contest KATTEGAT KYST CUP 2023, where it will be possible to park close to the breakwater head in the area behind the 4 warehouses. The parking lot will be available from Saturday, September 2, at 8.00 am to Sunday, September 3, at 15.00 pm.

- Provided that the traffic to and from the temporary parking lot works out optimally, we will look into making this a permanent solution. We have had many demands on a parking lot closer to the breakwater head, and we of course want to accede to this, if it is possible to do so taking safety, ISPS and the surrounding businesses into consideration, says CEO Mikkel Seedorff Sørensen.

It is possible for Port of Frederikshavn to even consider moving the parking lot, since the lorry traffic on Arne Ørskovsvej is not as heavy as expected. This is related to the activities with the warehouses and the bunker terminal on the new area, primarily being carried out by vessel in and vessel out, which is why the expected lorry traffic is considerably smaller.

- To us, the port has always been the town’s port, and it is with joy that the opportunity of investigating the improved parking facilities for the many anglers, citizens and tourists, who use the breakwater has come up. This will also mean that it will be possible to drive to the areas and see it without the extended walk. We do what we can to meet the many different interests in the area, and we hope that many of you will visit the breakwater this weekend, for us to test and thereafter evaluate the facilities and the traffic flow, says Mikkel Seedorff Sørensen.

During the weekend there will be a toilet wagon installed close to the breakwater head in connection with the fishing contest. Port of Frederikshavn also plans to have permanent toilet facilities in the area. All facilities, such as water and sewer have been established for the building site in connection with the construction of the bunker terminal, and these installations are expected to be used as toilet buildings, when the construction of the bunker terminal is finalized.