Record high result


This year’s result comes to DKK 66,003 million, which is DKK 61,638 million more that the result for 2021.

An improvement in turnover of 46% is noted, an increase in gross profit of 66% compared to 2021 and finally an increase in operating profit of (after depreciations) of 207% compared to 2021. The depreciations have increased 160% within the same period.

The result is considered very satisfactory.

- We note with satisfaction that we now see the result of the new activities, which the expansion of Port of Frederikshavn primarily is a result of. The turnover follows the expectation despite the fact that we still have not implemented the turnover, which Stena Oil’s bunker terminal will create. Apart from progress in turnover and gross result, we note with great joy that the new activities primarily have created over 400 jobs within companies at the port, says chairman Bo Uggerhøj.

- When we have both paid off installments on our loan on Stage 1 and 2 since 2018, and we have not really noted turnover from the new activities until 2022, it is an impressive account, which we can present for Port of Frederikshavn.

- The development follows our expectations, and we look forward to be in full operation (incl. bunker terminal) from 3rd - 4th quarter 2023. It must concurrently be noted that the installments in 2018-2021 make DKK 165 million, which have been drawn from the port’s operation cash flow – which corresponds to 3 years’ turnover in the original port, this shows a bit of the resilience of the company.

- The same is reflected in our budgets and forecasts in short and long term – that we look into a very exciting development, both with regards to activities as well as economically, ends Bo Uggerhøj.

CEO, Mikkel Seedorff Sørensen adds:
-  Apart from the already completed projects, where we with a completed bunker terminal in 2023, can look forward to a full operation year in 2024, there are already presently demand for more hinterland areas and not least quay facilities. We are presently working on the expansion of activities both with existing and new customers – the demand is increasing concurrently with the new companies being in operation – and more new want to be a part of the development in Frederikshavn.