Student job at the port


Since March 2022, Fabian Kjøller Nielsen has worked at Port of Frederikshavn. The student job is part of a cooperation with Frederikshavn Gymnasium and MARTEC for students on the Maritime Student education. Through anchoring in the local maritime business community, the goal in amongst others to increase the incentive of the students to continue their carrier in maritime Northern Jutland.

“I was curious about
how a large port, such as
Port of Frederikshavn
is operated”

Fabian Kjøller Nielsen says:

- I applied for the student job at Port of Frederikshavn, because I thrive with having a job in my spare time. I like to be challenged every day, learn new things and be part of a working environment. I find it incredibly exciting, and I was curious about how a large port, such as Port of Frederikshavn is operated.

- I have learned a lot from working at the port, since I have only had jobs within the retail and restaurant business as youth worker prior to this. The port has therefore given me a new insight in how it is to operate a large harbour, such as Port of Frederikshavn. I have furthermore learned a lot of other things such as driving a wheel loader, controlling a sewage pump and much more.


- If I must enhance something, which has had special significance to me during my time at the port, it will definitely be the community and team spirit the fellows have in the Port Service department.

- The maritime business and the dream of sailing has always been my greatest interest. That is also why I study Maritime Student in Frederikshavn. When I graduate from Frederikshavn Gymnasium, I plan to start on the Master Mariner education in Frederikshavn. Thereafter, I would like to see the world as officer and experience life at sea.